Remarks on the Arrangement of the Catalogue

                All the names, years of publications, page numbers and other data included in the catalogue have been carefully checked with the original literature. The names of subfamilies and genera are given as headings; following them are type genera (for subfamilies) and type species (for genera), as well as synonyms (also with their type genera and type species). The valid specifics name is followed by the name of its author, the year of publication and the page on which it appeared.

The type depository of all species of not revised is given as published, or the respective collections in which they are held are quoted as in Horn & al. (1990) and Háva (2003e).

Citations of papers consist of the author´s name and the year of publication. When more than one cited paper has been published in the same year by a given author, the first is marked by the addition of the letter a, the second by the letter b, etc.

An alphabetical list of synonyms names, of names of species transferred of nomina nuda and in invalid names used in the combination with a given generic name or its synonym, is given within each genus after the list of the known species.

Accronyms in the catalogue:

AF          Africa

AMN      north America

AM         central and south America

AS           Asia

AU          Australia, Oceania

EU          Europe

C             central

E             east

N             north

S              south

W            west

I              Island

Is             Islands

NT          number of taxons

ab.           abberation                             

f.             form

comb.      combination                          

hom.        homonym

incl.         including

intr.         introduced

litt.          litteris

n.             novum                                   

(nn)         nomen nudum

nom.        nomen

s. str.       sensu stricto

sp.           species

ssp.         subspecies

stat.         status

subgen.    subgenus

syn.         synonym and citation

(un)         unpublished name

var.          variety

?              unknown / uncertain

*              new distributional record

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