Jiří Háva

Jiří Háva (*1972, Prague, Czech Republic)

I’m working on the systematic, taxonomy and faunistics of the beetle family Dermestidae Worldwide and other families belong´s to Bostrichiformia and Derodontiformia.

At Paris museum


Research projects
Biodiversity of insects in the Czech Republic
Taxonomy and zoogeography (Coleoptera: Dermestidae, Nosodendridae, Derodontidae, Ptinidae, Bostrichidae)

Revision and taxonomy of beetles of the family Dermestidae (Coleoptera: Bostrichiformia)

Faunistic surveys of Insects


Work placements and important foreign stays
Study stays in foreign museums (Amsterdam, Bratislava, Budapest, Genova, Paris, Stuttgart, Vienna, Wroclaw)

Field foreign experience: Bulgaria, Crete, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kenya, Morocco, Poland, Slovakia, Tanzania, Tunisia

Professional practice
1999 – 2002 National Museum, Entomology, Prague – assistant to the curator of entomological collections
2002 – continues Private Entomological Laboratory & Collection – science research, preparation, the publication of expert works, expert consultations, purchase, and sale of laboratory and entomological aids, cooperation with museums and other organizations related to research in the natural sciences
2010 – 2018 Czech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Forestry and Entomology – project manager, entomologist, publishing activities
2015 – continues Elementary school – teaching assistant and biology teacher for children at the second grade (6. – 9. class)
2019 – continues Daugavpils University, Institute of Life Sciences and Technology, Department of Biosystematics – entomologist, publishing activities

Other activities
Member of the Czech Entomological Society

Member of the Researchgate

Member of Editorial Board of Expert Journals: