The first catalogue of the family Dermestidae, by Dalla Torre (1911), comprises 534 species, two subspecies and 67 varieties. It was followed by the catalogue of Mroczkowski (1968), which comprised 882 species, 25 subspecies and 127 varieties. The present catalogue comprises ca. 1200 species and subspecies or varieties pleced in 49 genera. No attempt nas been made to reselve the status of subspecific vs. Infrasubspecific names in the sense of ICZN (1999) article 45. The classification of the family Dermestidae is after Lawrence & Newton (1995), Lawrence J. F., Hastings A. M., Dallwitz M. J., Paine T. A. & Zurcher E. J. 1999a,b, Zhantiev (2000), Háva (2003), Háva (2004h) and Lawrence & Slipinski 2005, and nomina auctorum are after Schmitt, Hübner & Gaedike (1998). Only works that contribute substantially to the nomenclature (new combinations, status and synonyms) have been included. The subfamily Thorictinae is copmiled from the literature without any modifications, as it is not being currently studied and the entire genus Thorictus Germar, 1834 is in need of a revision.

In addition to taxonomically oriented literature, the bibliography includes also papers dealing with biology, distribution, larvae, and laboratory studies of genetics, effects of radiation and other theoretical and applied aspects.

Apart from the problems of subjective evaluation, errors and missing data are certain to be found in the text in spite of all the effort to avoid them. I will be most thankful for corrections as well as reprints af new papers on Dermestidae in order to improve and update a future edition.


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